Dr. Hedyeh Javidnia - Ottawa's Facial Cosmetic Expert

Dr. Hedyeh Javidnia

Facial Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Hedyeh Javidnia facial cosmetic surgeon in Ottawa

Whatever your reasons for considering a cosmetic makeover or surgery may be, Dr. Javidnia and her highly trained team will fully understand and support you on your journey. They know that taking the first step and deciding to embrace a change in your life can be intimidating. It is for that reason that Dr. Javidnia has built her practice to simultaneously be a clinical resource and support system throughout your entire experience: while exploring your options, explaining various procedures and helping and supervising recovery. 

While upholding the highest standards of her profession, Dr. Javidnia and her team provide clients with the opportunity to explore many treatment options in a relaxed, safe and professional environment. Whether the intended procedure is cosmetic, post-traumatic or reconstructive, Dr. Javidnia's approach with all of her patients is the same: it is to develop a deep understanding and appreciation of their objectives. By doing this, she and her team are able to inspire patients with confidence and a positive attitude. As the only female surgeon in Ottawa with fellowship training in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, her aesthetic vision is unique and she brings a delicate touch to a highly technically skilled profession.

Dr. Javidnia has been featured in the Distinctive Women's magazine

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Facial Procedures

Dr. Hedyeh Javidnia - Facial Procedures

Our face conveys a powerful first impression to those we meet and offers subtle cues to those we know well. Dr. Javidnia and her team help people shape the message that is shared with the world. With an infinite combination of facial features, each message is as unique as the person telling it.

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Nasal Procedures

Dr. Hedyeh Javidnia - Nasal Procedures

Our nose fulfills a very important role - both aesthetically and functionally. Dr. Javidnia, a board certified ENT surgeon, has a combined skill set that makes her uniquely qualified to help her patients achieve the aesthetic results that they have always wanted while ensuring that their breathing, and sense of smell and taste develop or retain optimal function.

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Eyelid Surgery

Dr. Hedyeh Javidnia - Eyelid Surgery

The areas around our eyes are usually susceptible to showing signs of aging faster than the rest of our face. Dr. Javidnia and her team offer a range of solutions that can rejuvenate and restore a healthy, youthful and vibrant look.

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Dr. Hedyeh Javidnia - Otoplasty

Our ears can help bring a balance and symmetry to the rest of our face. They frame our features and provide visual cues from both the front and the side. Dr. Javidnia has had outstanding success in helping her patients achieve a more pleasing aesthetic look and symmetry through some, often minor, reshaping or repositioning of the ears.

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Male Plastic Surgery

Dr. Hedyeh Javidnia - Male Plastic Surgery

Facial cosmetic surgery is becoming much more prevalent with men today than it was twenty years ago. More and more, men are not allowing dated, social stigmas prevent them from pursuing the look that they want. Dr. Javidnia has extensive experience in subtle enhancements to the masculine image while maintaining the natural look.

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Non-Surgical Procedures

Dr. Hedyeh Javidnia - Non-Surgical Procedures

Non surgical procedures offer an excellent and powerful resource that can be used exclusively or in conjunction with a surgical approach to either fight the onset of signs of aging or achieve a desired cosmetic change. Having a practicing physician oversee treatment, including non surgical procedures, can yield improved results in a completely safe environment.

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Pre-Op Digital Imaging

Many people would feel more comfortable having facial cosmetic surgery if they could see results beforehand. Today, continuing advances in 3D imaging technology allow us to do that. Patients considering facial, eye or nose surgery can preview the final outcome before the procedure is performed. This allows Dr. Javidnia and her patients to have clearer communication with regards to the desired outcome and the projected outcome, allowing her patients to select procedures with a clear plan and full confidence.